100 Plants That Almost Changed the World


From cars made of carrot to tea-smuggling spies; Popeye's spinach to the hallucinogenic effects of lettuce, in 100 Plants that almost Changed the World renowned garden expert Chris Beardshaw takes us on a journey though history's most fascinating plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs: the ones that changed the world, the ones that almost did, and the ones that certainly didn't!

Ranging from Roman times to present day and even covering future plant-inventions, 100 Plants that almost Changed the World is a fascinating compendium of stories about the plants and vegetables we see, nurture and consume every day. If you have ever wondered why carrots are supposed to help you see in the dark or why we hang fairy lights and decorations on our Christmas trees then 100 Plants that almost Changed the World is the book for you – a fun and quirky new volume that offers unique exploration of our planet's most fascinating plants.

ISBN: 9781906506193

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